“The Grimm Show” by Petit

  • ©M. R. Petit

  • ©M. R. Petit


Entry Number: 02


    The Grimm Show

Program Title:

    Electric Garden




    The Grimm Show (or The Story of the Youth Who Went Forth to Learn What Fear Was) is a 60-minute multi-media performance/interpretation of the parable by the Brothers Grimm. The story recounts the experiences of a youth who goes forth into the world to learn the meaning of “shudder- ing in fear.” The performance incorporates pre-recorded video, live cam- era feeds, animation, text, and sound. The pre-recorded and live video, as well as the animation, are mixed live. Video and animation events are triggered by a continual midi/music soundtrack, which is both pre- sequenced and performed live on midi keyboards, drumpads, and wind instruments. Midi is also used to trigger a variety of sound samples and create abstract audio beds. The video (both individual sources and the live mix) appear on multiple monitors and video projectors.

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