“The CHI’89 InfoBooth” by Arent, Bauersfeld, Cohen, Gomoll, Mills, et al. …

  • ©Michael Arent, Penny Bauersfeld, Jonathan (Jon) D. Cohen, Kathleen Gomoll, Mike Mills, Gitta Salomon, Ian Small, Laurie Vertelney, and Donna Cohen



    The CHI'89 InfoBooth

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    An interactive information kiosk was created for the CHI (Computer Human Interaction) ’89 Conference by the Human Interface Group at Apple Computer, Inc. The “InfoBooth” was built using HyperCard software on Macintosh computers. It included multimedia information about the people attending the conference and the conference program. Twelve InfoBooth stations, each containing almost 36 megabytes of data, were provided to accommodate the more than 1600 attendees.

    The kiosk provided several features that augmented and complimented the standard paper-based conference materials. The software allowed attendees to create personalized “entries,” including text and a digitized portrait, at the conference site. The conference program information included descriptive animations constructed using sounds and images provided by paper and panel presenters.

    The interface was oriented towards ease of use and was intended for informal, short term interactions. Since attendees were not necessarily Macintosh literate and/or familiar with HyperCard, the design could not rely on interface conventions associated with these products.

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