“Tell Me, Inge… An Interactive Interview With a Holocaust Survivor” by Jones, Gaylord, Palitz, Auerbacher, Csabai, et al. …

  • ©Val Jones, Weston Gaylord, Ari Palitz, Inge Auerbacher, Andrea Csabai, Dan Franke, Kia Hays, Andrew Lush, Laiylaly Mandujano, Ruxandra Popescu, Francis Rockwell, Zoe Roellin, Ronen Shaham, and Stephen Smith


    The new medium of Conversational Video AI enables the public to talk directly to Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher. Users are immersed in Inge’s memories as a child survivor of the Theresienstadt ghetto. This presentation will cover advances in video AI and streaming WebXR VR content.

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