“Tampa to Anaheim Soup-to-Nuts Hackshack” by Pollack and Weston

  • ©Anat Pollack and Mark Weston



    Tampa to Anaheim Soup-to-Nuts Hackshack



    The Tampa to Anaheim Hackshack workshop is designed for dogged tinkerers of all descriptions and levels of skill. Be your motives moral, ethical, frivolous, or just plain senseless, the Tampa to Anaheim Hackshack workshop provides the means and expertise to implement a large host of Ad-Hoc solutions to the issues of everyday life. Projects to be built by participants include the creation of a microphone and amplifier, a solenoid drum, a California or Florida citrus battery, machines made out of paper, a confetti cannon, a desk-mounted trebuchet, a clockwork manifesto, a passive water heater, a swamp cooler, and a portable distillery. In addition to instructions for small on-site projects and take-home projects of a larger scope, the workshop provides instruction in basic programming for Arduino, basic electronics, clockwork strategies for mechanization, and armchair engineering.


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