“Swimming Across the Pacific: A Virtual Swimming Interface” by Chen, Kinoshita, Takama, Fels, Funahashi, et al. …

  • ©Tzu-Pei Grace Chen, Yuichiro Kinoshita, Yasufumi Takama, Sidney Fels, Kenji Funahashi, and Ashley Gadd


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    Swimming Across the Pacific: A Virtual Swimming Interface




    We have created a new locomotion interface for swimming and floating in a virtual ocean in a VR environment as part of our Swimming Across the Pacific (SAP) artwork [sap ]. The artwork is motivated by Alzek Mischeff’s Swimming Across the Atlantic [Misheff 1982] performed in 1982. In the SAP artwork, we swim across the Pacific Ocean using the swimming apparatus in an airplane rather than across the ocean in an ocean liner as Misheff did.

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