“Standards in Stock 3D Models” by Bousquet and Lloyd

  • ©Michele Bousquet and Jonathan Lloyd

  • ©Michele Bousquet and Jonathan Lloyd

  • ©Michele Bousquet and Jonathan Lloyd



    Standards in Stock 3D Models



    The field of 3D modeling suffers from a lack of standards. This difficulty stems from the relative newness of 3D modeling as compared with older arts such as photography and music, where standards for quality have long been in place. In this presentation, we use the stock 3D industry as a lens to discuss the challenges prevalent in any pipeline that uses 3D models. Currently, stock 3D models available at a variety of venues on the Internet vary widely in topology, texturing, and other technical aspects even within the same category or discipline, making it difficult for production artists to know whether a model will work with their pipelines. The lack of standards creates a specific challenge for artists who create this content, as they continue to work without guidance in meeting production artists’ needs.


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