“Sound Flakes” by Moroi

  • ©Satoko Moroi


Entry Number: 24


    Sound Flakes




    “Sound Flakes” is an interactive art piece which anyone from children to adults can use. When the faucets “Do, Re, Mi…” are twisted, sound drips into the water pool and begins to float as “flakes” of sound. Moreover, the user can stir the flakes in the water and scoop one up with a ladle. If some flakes collide with another flake, each sound will ring. If one of the flakes is scooped up, it will rotate and sing in the ladle. If the water in the ladle is released into the pool, the flake will begin to float again.

    Users will have a pleasant experience, like magic, because they can interact with the piece with the familiar, easy work of twisting faucets and stirring or scooping up water using a ladle. There are no special rules to enjoy this installation. However, when attendees see the colorful faucets and ladle, they will want to come to twist faucets and to scoop water. The enjoyment of the artwork is its freedom and universality. If some flakes accumulate and are stirred in the water pool, a favorite new chord may be heard, for example “do- mi- so”. Someone may be able to play it as a new musical instrument with both a visual image and the tactile feeling of water.

    This artwork is a fun playtime activity for children. However, adults also enjoy the idea of spending relaxing time in this environment. I hope that many people will leave with a smiling face after interacting with this installation.

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©Satoko Moroi


    The cooperation and efforts of many people were very important in the creation of this exhibition. I am thankful to Makoto Yanagihara who took charge of the programming of this work. Although he is my seminar student, I am also hoping for his further collaboration after graduation. In addition, some part of the techniques of this artwork are based on “The Floating Words”, a series of art works that I exhibited at SIGGRAPH 2001 and 2002. Special thanks to Shinji Sasada who created the prototype program for “The Floating Words,” Mr. Shibata who redeveloped the software to improve the exhibition, and the many people who have contributed to the exhibitions which have already been shown. Thank you all.


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