“SHOGYU MUJO” by Kresa and Harker

  • ©Bart Kresa and Joshua Harker


Entry Number: 23





    Shogyo Mujo utilizes 360° projection mapping to take artistic sculpture to the next level as temporal dimensional artwork that pulsates to music. The skull is a three-dimensional structure designed by Josh Harker, with projection and animation developed by BARTKRESA design. With over 30 perfectly mapped animations, and an extensive set of real time looks, audiences at Siggraph will get a chance to experience the constantly changing artwork, and interact with the skull through a touch interface developed in collaboration with Coolux’s Pandora’s Box.

    Shogyo Mujo is a transient 3D projection-mapped skull collaboration between design firm BARTKRESA design and artist Joshua Harker.

    The installation represents the 1st of the 3 marks of Dharma which states that all things are impermanent. It is visualized through a myriad of mappings that create dozens of unique experiences