“Samaritan Real-Time Demo” by Epic Games

  • ©Paul Oliver, Chris Perna, Jordan Walker, Michael Clausen, Zak Belica, Gavin Moran, and Jay Hosfelt



    Samaritan Real-Time Demo


Project Affiliation:

    Epic Games


    Samaritan is a real-time demonstration of the latest Unreal Engine 3 technology that shows off DirectX 11 support and DirectX features such as tessellation and displacement mapping, geometry shaders, multi-sampled textures and Shader Model 5. High-end rendering enhancements include image-based reflections, Bokeh depth of field, subsurface scattering, anti-aliased masked materials, deferred rendering with MSAA support, and high-quality dynamic shadows. In addition, NVIDIA’s APEX physics technology is illustrated by Samaritan’s dynamic clothing movement.

    Samaritan is a visual representation of what Epic Games would like to see in the next generation of games.


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