“QuintPixel: Multi-Primary Color Display Systems” by Tomizawa, Yoshida, Nakamura and Yoshida

  • ©Kazunari Tomizawa, Akiko Yoshida, Kohzoh Nakamura, and Yasuhiro Yoshida


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    QuintPixel: Multi-Primary Color Display Systems



    Today’s conventional Liquid Crystal Displays (LCD) are assembled with three primary colors (red, green, and blue: RGB). Further, the most common color gamut standards are defined in RGB-primary colors. Such a system lacks the capability to reproduce all of the real-surface colors; for example, sRGB cannot cover Pointer’s real surface color dataset which consists of the measurement over the existing colors in the world except self-luminous objects [Pointer 1980] at most of the hue angles (see Figure 1 right). However, recent developments on display devices have made it possible to have wider color gamut than before. However, as long as there are only three primary colors, such display system still cannot cover the real surface colors efficiently. An example of relatively wide gamut (DCI 2005) in Figure 1 still shows poor coverage ratio against Pointer’s dataset.

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©Kazunari Tomizawa, Akiko Yoshida, Kohzoh Nakamura, and Yasuhiro Yoshida ©Kazunari Tomizawa, Akiko Yoshida, Kohzoh Nakamura, and Yasuhiro Yoshida


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