“Project Nira: Instant interactive real-time access to multi-gigabyte sized 3D assets on any device” by Manesku, Keissami and Johnson

  • ©Dario Manesku, Arash Keissami, and Andrew Johnson


Entry Number: 05


    Project Nira: Instant interactive real-time access to multi-gigabyte sized 3D assets on any device



    Here is some text in the style of last year’s RTL lineup descriptions: We demonstrate a collaboration platform for viewing massive 3D assets in real-time using any web browser on any device. Technologies such as high framerate server-side rendering, low-latency video encoding, and artist friendly markup tools are combined to accelerate production pipelines. Additional text below: Nira is a powerful new collaborative design and art review platform for 3D production pipelines. Nira removes the burden of having to send proprietary files back and forth for reviews by providing a unified platform for viewing, reviewing, tracking, and version comparing of all assets. Upon upload of a production asset, the Nira asset ingestion pipeline converts the asset to a format optimized for very fast loading and display performance within its custom renderer. When the asset is subsequently viewed, Nira renders and then encodes the frame buffer to an efficient and high quality video stream, which is then decoded within a web browser on the viewer’s device at 60 fps in real-time. The client device need only be capable of decoding a video stream, so this allows large production assets to be interactively viewed on lower powered mobile devices like never before. In addition to viewing capabilities, Nira also includes a host of collaborative drawing and markup tools allowing for effective visual communication between team members and stakeholders.


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