“PossessedHand” by Tamaki and Rekimoto

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    Human have the dexterous fingers because of many muscle actuators in the forearm that are used for communications, playing and so on. If a device can control human hands, the device can be useful for HCI(Human-Computer Interface) application’s output. Many devices and systems that directly stimulate a user’s fingers have been researched. However, users prefer to avoid wearing devices on the palm and the back of the hand because he skin on the area is important sensor for communication, touching, playing musical instruments or in other performing arts. To solve these problems, we develop PosssessedHand that can control a user’s hand without covering the hand. PossessedHand can be used for controlling finger joint movements; it operates by applying an electrical stimulus to the muscles in the forearm with noninvasive electrode pads.


    HANDA, Y AND YAGI, R AND HOSHIMIYA, N 1998. Application of functional electrical stimulation to the paralyzed extremities. Neurologia medicochirurgica, vol. 38,No.11, p 784-788.

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