“Point of Vue, Point of You / Body to Body” by Mazeau

  • ©Elsa Mazeau

  • ©Elsa Mazeau



Entry Number: 40


    Point of Vue, Point of You / Body to Body

Program Title:

    Electric Garden




    In these two installations, participants enter two different rooms (which can be kilometers apart from each other) and virtually interact with each other in real time.

    Point of Vue, Point of You
    Images from two cameras, each one aimed into a separate space, are combined on two screens. By touching the screen, participants in each space select information from either of the two closed-circuit video cameras and, to a certain extent, create and organize their own images in real time and see them realized on the screen. In its constant displacements, the crowd in each space generates a group portrait and creates its own representation, which fills the space of each screen. The installation undermines the idea of belonging. Everybody’s images is everybody else’s. It is a visual mixture.

    Body to Body
    Participants’ images are superimposed on images of others. Liberated of all technologies, they move freely to catch virtual objects that actually control their movements. As the participants’ interaction evolves, the image of the others progressively vanishes from the screen, leaving viewers con- fronted only with their own images, as in a mirror.


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