“New Initiative: ACM SIGGRAPH Design Community” by Inakage, Kasra, Berzowska, Smith and Kim

  • ©Masa Inakage, Mona Kasra, Joanna (Joey) Maria Berzowska, Makai Smith, and June Kim



    New Initiative: ACM SIGGRAPH Design Community


    This session is for all attendees who value the role of design disciplines in shaping the future of graphic and interactive technologies, aiming to form a community for next generation designers. Come meet the members of the ACM SIGGRAPH Design Committee, to discuss pressing areas of interest and concern, new methods and problem spaces, as well as the increasingly important role of design in shaping the future.

    Design with technology results in innovative artifacts such as smart product design (i.e. Internet of Things), wearable product design (i.e. smart glasses), fashion design (i.e. smart clothes and shoes), and architectural design and engineering (i.e. responsive buildings and structures). New types of designers are searching for a community to join, in order to learn, share, and present innovative design results, both academically and commercially.

    Areas of interest include:
    * Smart object design: product design, fashion, architecture, urbanism
    * Centering the human: the human body, but also attributes such as pleasure, aesthetics, wellness, gender, equity, inclusion, and diversity
    * Environmental issues: climate change, living creatures, and the post human
    * Methodologies: design thinking, design futures/fiction, speculative design, other methods for innovation