“Nerve Garden” by Damer and Goldenbaum

  • ©Bruce Damer and Todd Goldenbaum

  • ©Bruce Damer and Todd Goldenbaum


Entry Number: 04


    Nerve Garden

Program Title:

    Electric Garden



Project Affiliation:

    Contact Consortium


    How can we forget the fascination that our terrariums, aquariums, or chemical crystal gardens held over us when we were children? Watching beautiful and functional structures emerge and then decay taught us a great deal about life and our own ultimate destiny. The Nerve Garden allows users to plant seeds in a digital terrarium and witness the growth of familiar and strange plant and animal structures. Through an artful combi- nation of L-systems, VRML, neural networks, Java, the Web, and a mouse and dataglove interface, participants sow seeds in cyberspace. Participants leave the Nerve Garden proud of their petunias or unnerved by the realization that life may find a way into digital space.


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