“Natural Pointing Techniques Using a Finger-Mounted Direct Pointing Device” by Sibert

  • ©John Sibert

  • ©John Sibert


Entry Number: 23


    Natural Pointing Techniques Using a Finger-Mounted Direct Pointing Device

Program Title:

    Enhanced Realities



Project Affiliation:

    The George Washington University


    Pointing with the index finger is a natural way to select an object, and if it can be incorporated into human- computer interaction technology, a significant benefit will be obtained for certain applications. This demonstration presents a prototype solution.

    Based on an infrared signal power density weighing principle, a small infrared emitter on the user’s finger and multiple receivers placed around the laptop screen generate data for a low-cost microprocessor system. The microprocessor sends its output to a laptop computer, where it is used to determine coordinates for the cursor location. The prototype is not only a proof of concept. It is also a tool for further research on human performance in pointing and further development of interactive techniques.


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