“Living with Smell Dysfunction: A Multi-sensory VR Experience” by Wang and Li

  • ©Yuting Wang and Ziqing Li


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    Living with Smell Dysfunction: A Multi-sensory VR Experience

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    Immersive Pavilion



    ”Living with Smell Dysfunction” is a multi-sensory short film that introduces scents in Virtual Reality (VR) Experience. Through this first-person immersive film in VR, the participant will face daily adventure, confusion and danger as a patient with smell dysfunction. Olfactory disorders simulated in this film are anosmia (absence of smell), hyposmia (diminished sensitivity of smell), and dysosmia (distortion of normal smell). [Schiffman 2007] Olfactory dysfunction and disability are tend to be overlooked and invisible to vast population. This novel immersive experience could bring more discussion and attention to the treatment and daily lives of smell dysfunctional patients.


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