“Light & Shadow AR App: A photo lighting workshop in Augmented Realit” by Majano

  • ©Paulo Majano



    Light & Shadow AR App: A photo lighting workshop in Augmented Realit



    The Light and Shadow App is an immersive photography studio lighting workshop in Augmented Reality. The App allows photo enthusiasts to virtually step into a full-size photo lighting studio and visualize the placement of studio lights for portrait photography in three dimensions. With the Light and Shadow App, users can use smartphones or iPads, and Augmented Reality, to move around the photo studio scenes and study the position of lights from different points of view. The App was originally developed for university level photography students at Kwantlen Polytechnic University during the covid-19 restrictions of 2020 and 2021 when in-person learning was not possible. The goal of the app is to recreate the learning environment of the photo studio and allow students to visualize the effect of lighting on the portrait in an interactive and immersive format.


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