“Latte Art Machine” by Pikalo

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    Latte Art Machine



    Latte art refers to graphic designs on the surface of espresso based drinks. By manipulating the flow of milk from a jug into the espresso, barista may form several different patterns, including rosettas, leaves and hearts [Schomer 1994]. It is also possible to further enhance the pattern using stencils, powder and milk foam [Wikipedia 2008].

    Unsatisfied with the limited choice of patterns, we have decided to investigate alternative means of reproducing designs on the surface of variety espresso-based drinks. After experimenting with different automated etching and pouring techniques with some success, we have built a prototype that uses a modified inkjet print cartridge to infuse tiny droplets of colorant into the upper layer of the beverage. As it turns out, the micro-bubbled texture of the beverage provides sufficient isolation and stability for small droplets deposited using traditional inkjet technologies. The resulting images are sustainable for periods over half an hour.

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