“Interview” by Littman

  • ©Karen G. Littman

  • ©Karen G. Littman


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    Interview, an interactive multi-media program for interviewing young children who may have been sexually abused, provides a structure that helps children tell their stories verbally or non-verbally. It also assists the interviewer by providing a framework of questions and an easy-to-use system for taking notes and tracking the children’s selections. Because it simplifies the interview process, gives the interviewer more time to focus on the child, and supports non- verbal communication, this interviewing method enhances children’s abilities to communicate a greater amount of vital information.

    Interactive multimedia gives children pictures and sounds that help create a safe, familiar, and supportive environment for responding to questions and telling their story. The program has been tested and revised three times over a six- year period to assure consistent, unbiased results suitable for use as evidence in court. Extensive research was conducted with both children and interviewers to design an application that is appealing to children without being leading or too playful.

    Interview is expected to be used by professionals involved in the interviewing process: police officers, psychologists, social workers, attorneys, psychiatrists, and others. It contains a court-reporting tracking system that provides a permanent record of each interview. All edits are maintained separately from the original.

    Interview was supported by grants from the National Institute of Mental Health’s Small Business Innovation Research program and contributions of hardware and software from numerous computer companies.


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