“Injustice: Interactive Live Action Virtual Reality Experience” by Cho, Kothari, Ding, Won, Fawaz, et al. …

  • ©Jaehee Cho, Atit Kothari, Zixu Ding, Yeongmin Won, Stephanie Fawaz, and Xu Cheng



    Injustice: Interactive Live Action Virtual Reality Experience



    Injustice is a three to five minute interactive virtual reality (VR) experience themed around racially motivated police brutality. In Injustice, guests witness an act of racial discrimination happening in front of them, forcing them to make moral and ethical decisions on the spot. The guest comes face to face with the characters of the story, filmed with live action, and interacts in the space with them directly using gaze interaction and voice recognition. Injustice is an experience aimed at exploring the emotional impact of VR space versus traditional film.

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