“Human Support Robot (HSR)” by Yamamoto, Nishino, Kajima, Ohta and Ikeda

  • ©Takashi Yamamoto, Tamaki Nishino, Hideki Kajima, Mitsunori Ohta, and Koichi Ikeda

  • ©Takashi Yamamoto, Tamaki Nishino, Hideki Kajima, Mitsunori Ohta, and Koichi Ikeda


Entry Number: 12


    Human Support Robot (HSR)



    There has been an increasing interest in mobile manipulators that is capable of performing physical work in living spaces worldwide, corresponding to population aging with declining birth rates with the expectation of improving quality of life (QOL). Research and development is a must in intelligent sensing and software which enable advanced recognition, judgment, and motion to realize household work by robots. In order to accelerate this research, we have developed a compact and safe research platform, Human Support Robot (HSR), which can be operated in an actual home environment. We assume that overall R&D will accelerate by using a common robot platform among many researchers since that enables them to share their research results. In this paper, we introduce HSR design and its utilization.


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