“Garden: A Mixed Reality Experience” by Sing, Xie, Randall and Vidyasagaran

  • ©Keng Hua Sing, Wei Xie, Nigel Randall, and Vivek Vidyasagaran



    Garden: A Mixed Reality Experience



    Garden is a mixed reality (MR) experience on the Project Tango mounted with the Durovis Dive headset. It allows the player to walk around freely in large spaces and avoid obstacles, while immersed in the virtual world. It achieves this using real-time 3d reconstruction to bring the real world into virtual space. The real world is represented using minecraft-style voxels for easy rendering and texturing. We spawn game elements on tables and on the floors using the scanned geometry to recognize flat features. We also allow users to interact with these objects using just their hands and feet. With these features combined, we enable users to intuitively explore and interact with an alternate, virtual space as they do in the real world.


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