“Fruit Golf: An Asymmetrical Shared Space VR/Mobile Experience” by Nilsson, Nilsson, Russell, Costa, Pieters, et al. …

  • ©Shane Nilsson, Tyler Nilsson, Liana Russell, Bruno Costa, Elizabeth Pieters, Jasmin Winter, Carlos Fernandez, and Collin Myhre


Entry Number: 04


    Fruit Golf: An Asymmetrical Shared Space VR/Mobile Experience

Program Title:

    Immersive Pavilion



    While the global COVID-19 pandemic did not catalyze widespread adoption of virtual reality (VR) technologies across all industries as some had anticipated, studies like Hall et al. from 2022 have demonstrated that public valuation of VR remains strongly in gaming, entertainment, and socializing [Hall et al., 2022].

    As we look towards a future in which indoor gatherings with friends and family are safe and encouraged once again, there is an opportunity to position VR gaming as a go-to add-on to social gatherings by emphasizing ease of access for players of all levels of experience, and designing gameplay that encourages engagement rather than isolation in shared space.

    Fruit Golf aims to use an asymmetric multiplayer format to offer an experience that spans collaborative and competitive experiences, and allows players to seamlessly interact with VR, mobile, and physical spaces in ways that most will have never seen before.


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