“Faery Garden” by Boston Virtual Reality Group

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Entry Number: 29


    Faery Garden

Program Title:

    Electric Garden



Project Affiliation:

    Boston Virtual Reality Group


    This is an experience of being in a fey place with an active population of “little people.” You are standing in a fairy ring of mushrooms in a tiny valley surrounded by bushes and rock walls, lit by the golden glow of the late afternoon sun. The bushes are real, the rock walls are cloth, the golden glow comes from the far end of the valley, which is a virtual reality projection wall. In the real bushes around you, you hear the rustle and squeak of tiny people, busy with their unseen lives. In one of the real side walls is a tiny grotto in which tiny virtual shapes are dancing to bright music. When you approach, they “poof” in alarm. In the other side wall is a tiny virtual waterfall that “splashes” off your hand when you reach out to touch it. In the virtual end of the garden, you see small people who go about their errands until you get too close, when they squeak in dismay and hide.

    Faery Garden uses virtual reality, MIDI sound, theatrical techniques, and real world objects to blur the real and imaginary worlds together into a compelling visit to a magical place.

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