“Exposition of Music” by Kang, Jeon, Kim and Park

  • ©Jiyoung Kang, Byung-kyu Jeon, Seon-hwi Kim, and Su-yong Park


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    Exposition of Music

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    Immersive Exhibits



    Nam June Paik’s first solo exhibition in 1963 titled “Exposition of Music – Electronic Television” marked the beginning of his career, and he is often referred to as the father of video art. In this project, we attempted to virtually recreate some of his exhibits and exhibition spaces that are currently unavailable to elucidate their meaning. Among the exhibits, the three most interactive and meaningful works, namely Prepared Pianos (4 units), Electronic Television (13 units), and Random Access, were recreated in virtual reality (VR) space. To compensate for the limitations imposed by simple interactions between existing VR exhibitions of art works, this project was developed with the utmost focus on preserving the artistic value of the original work while maximizing the exhibition space reproduced in VR as well as audience immersion in the work.


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©Jiyoung Kang, Byung-kyu Jeon, Seon-hwi Kim, and Su-yong Park ©Jiyoung Kang, Byung-kyu Jeon, Seon-hwi Kim, and Su-yong Park

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