“Do-it-Yourself Virtual Reality Experiences on Networked Mobile Devices” by Lee

  • ©Fangwei Lee

  • ©Fangwei Lee

  • ©Fangwei Lee

  • ©Fangwei Lee



    Do-it-Yourself Virtual Reality Experiences on Networked Mobile Devices



    Realiteer is an innovative Augmented Reality & Virtual Reality (AR/VR) software content creator. Our lead product, Canvrs, helps artists and software developers create VR/AR-optimal 3D assets and animated special effects by providing them with a VR art studio designed for making VR/AR assets from scratch. Realiteer leverages its proprietary patent-pending technology and creative expertise to acquire and retain users for Canvrs. Its innovative technologies have already been featured in several news outlets, including CCTV, Gizmodo, Tech Times and Stuff Magazine.

    In the first 9 months of its operation, Realiteer has filed 3 patent applications and launched two proof-of-concept apps that were featured on Google Cardboard and totaled more than 300k in Android and iOS downloads.


    To Maya, for supporting this project as my lovely wife.


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