“Digital Clothing: A New Paradighm for Fashion” by Martin and Ko

  • ©Kathi Martin and Hyeong-Seok Ko



    Digital Clothing: A New Paradighm for Fashion



    The study of physically based reproduction of clothing has made striking improvements over the past decade. Digitally simulated versions of clothes, generated with a single personal computer, now look more real than most people would expect for computer-generated animations. In the past, clothing simulation remained in the realm of movie and game production. Now, thanks to additional fashion-specific developments, the technology is on the verge of leading a revolutionary change in the fashion industry.

    This talk summarizes the current state of the art of digital clothing technology: a collection of modeling, animation, and rendering systems targeted to fashion and animation production. The Studio features hands-on-experience classes associated with this presentation: the short class Creation of Your Own Digital Fashion Show (two sessions) and the long class Advanced Creation of Your Own Digital Fashion Show (one session).

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