“Deep Learning-Based Photoreal Avatars for Online Virtual Worlds in iOS” by Nagano, Seo, San, Hong, Goldwhite, et al. …

  • ©Koki Nagano, Jaewoo Seo, Kyle San, Aaron Hong, McLean Goldwhite, Jun Xing, Stuti Rastogi, Jiale Kuang, Aviral Agarwal, Han-Wei Kung, Caleb Arthur, Carrie Sun, Jens Fursund, Hao Li, and Stephen Chen


    A deep learning-based technology for generating photo-realistic 3D avatars with dynamic facial textures from a single input image is presented. Real-time performance-driven animations and renderings are demonstrated on an iPhone X and we show how these avatars can be integrated into compelling virtual worlds and used for 3D chats.

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