“Computational Bead Design” by Doman, Starrett, Garrison, Smalls, Copley, et al. …

  • ©Marguerite Doman, Courtney Starrett, Chlotia Garrison, Christopher (Chris) Smalls, Lauren Copley, and Chelsea Arthur



    Computational Bead Design



    Computational Bead Design is an interdisciplinary project designed to introduce students (K-20) to computing (beginning programming), digital modeling and additive manufacturing techniques. Throughout history beads have been considered to hold symbolic and sacred knowledge. They can communicate social standing, political history, and religious beliefs. Beads have been a representation of a civilizations’ technological advancement. The technical sophistication of bead manufacturing often mirrors the general technological level of the society (Dubin). This project highlights the bead, once again, as a marker of our current technological advancements through computing and 3D printing.


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