“Collaborative Frameworks: A Proposal for an Archive in the Studio” by Díaz-Kommonen

  • ©Lily Díaz-Kommonen



    Collaborative Frameworks: A Proposal for an Archive in the Studio



    This presentation describes a concept proposal for a system that will create an archive of the activities of the Studio at SIGGRAPH 2002. The initial parameters that constrain the design process are that the materials of such repository must be displayed and archived during the conference itself, and they must be formatted in such a manner that facilitates their retrieval and replay at a later date. Additionally, in order to reflect the diversity of content present, the archive must be created in a collaborative manner, and with the help of other Studio participants. The amplitude of the desired coverage is yet another factor to be considered. All of these factors must be considered in the light of the quantity of data that can be potentially generated by such endeavor.


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