“BLUIsculpt™” by Brody, Chappell and Hartman

  • ©Bill Brody, Glenn G. Chappell, and Chris Hartman






    BLUIsculpt™ is an interactive virtual reality application that permits a user to freely sketch voxels inside a ten foot cube for output as physical objects. It connects the imagination to physical form. Our interface presents the user with real-time feedback in the form of surfaces. We save a file representing the surface in rapid protyping format. Generating a solid-by-rapid prototyping completes the cycle of perception and imagination that starts in the physical world, proceeds through vision, thought, imagination and the dance of drawing to finally arrive at tangible sculpture. Our enterprise is based on the premise that symbolic representation, of which drawing is an exemplar, derives from perception, imagination and thought. We hold that these mental activities recruit and employ the same brain machinery that is fundamental to voluntary physical movement. Such is the common wisdom of generations of artists, and is well-supported by a mass of more recent studies in cognitive and evolutionary neuroscience.


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