“Big Head Racer” by Vincent and MacDougall

  • ©Vincent John Vincent and Francis MacDougall


Entry Number: 33


    Big Head Racer

Program Title:

    Electric Garden



Project Affiliation:

    The Vivid Group


    A revolutionary, entirely new prototype, Big Head Racer has been created with the objective of personalizing video racing entertainment experiences. It allows participants to see a live video image of themselves in the cockpit of a futuristic racing machine, competing against other drivers (whose heads also appear in their cars) in a race for the finish line!

    For the first time, players pilot their own machines! Unlike games that provide generic heroes (or no driver at all), Big Head Racer does not require users to imagine that they are in control of the vehicle, because they’re right there on the screen! Big Head Racer modules are linked for the ulti- mate in competitive experiences, so players can go head to head for the checkered flag!


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