“Becoming: An Interactive Musical Journey in VR” by Yadegari, Burnett, Murakami, Pisha, Talenti, et al. …

  • ©Shahrokh Yadegari, John Burnett, Eito Murakami, Louis Pisha, Francesca Talenti, and Juliette Regimbal


Entry Number: 02


    Becoming: An Interactive Musical Journey in VR

Program Title:

    Immersive Pavilion



    Becoming is an operatic VR piece based on a Persian poem by Mowlana Rumi. The critical content of the piece is about the spiritual evolution of humans on Earth. The artistic expression of the piece takes advantage of an advanced ray-tracing audio spatialization system (Space3D), which is capable of creating realistic spatial impressions within changing acoustic environments in real-time. In this piece the user can interact with the environment and influence the progression of the music by touching various elements and by changing the spatialization paths and speeds of various layers of the music. Two audience members can be connected through the network and interact with each other via haptic effects.


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