“Bayou Sauvage” by Bibona, Parisi, Katz, Mlyniec and Mamaghani

  • ©Rosalie Bibona, Tony Parisi, Warren Katz, Paul Mlyniec, and Farid Mamaghani


Entry Number: 02


    Bayou Sauvage

Program Title:

    Digital Bayou



    Bayou Sauvage is a dramatic, entertainment-oriented implementation of the most advanced multi-user virtual world applications. It is a multi-vendor, multi-platform demonstration of an emerging civilian standard derived from the Distributed Interactive Simulation (DIS) protocol used in military simulation training.

    Approximately 20 different vendors of computer hardware, software, and systems are participating in a common game across the SIGGRAPH 96 Exhibition floor and Digital Bayou. Participants start in different vehicles from different locations and race across the Bayou to reach a crashed drug smugglers’ plane. They encounter active and passive obstacles, not the least of which is each other, in a complex 3D world.

    This demonstration highlights some of the major features of DIS, including interoperability between vastly different hardware platforms (PCs to high- end image generators), vastly different software renderers (VRML web browsers to real- time visual simulation packages), and vastly different 3D visual file formats (VRML to OpenFlight). It is a harbinger of the revolutionary 3D multi-user synthetic environments that will soon hit the Web.

    Over the last decade, this robust Department of Defense- sponsored open standard for networked synthetic environ- ments has been refined to provide a very-large-scale, multi-user platform for military training, video games, and Web-based environments.


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