“Auckland Face Simulator” by University of Auckland

  • ©Mark Sagar, David Bullivant, Paul Robertson, Oleg Efimov, Khurram Jawed, Ratheesh Kalarot, Tim Wu, and Werner Ollewagen



    Auckland Face Simulator


Project Affiliation:

    University of Auckland


    The Auckland Face Simulator has been developed to create realistic, autonomously interactive, highly expressive human faces for use in  applications from perceptual psychology research to new human-computer- interface technologies. The face models can represent the full range of facial  muscle actions and can be precisely controlled to allow creation of novel static and dynamic stimuli for perceptual experiments. The models can also be driven by cognitive architectures in an interactive integrated system to create synthetic muscle activations. Or they can be driven by motion capture or by animation controls or any combination to achieve a high degree of realism and a full range of expression in real time.


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