“Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display” by Iwamoto, Tatezono, Hoshi and Shinoda

  • ©Takayuki Iwamoto, Mari Tatezono, Takayuki Hoshi, and Hiroyuki Shinoda


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    Airborne Ultrasound Tactile Display



    Currently, the importance of haptic interaction techniques gather much more attention with the progress of the computer graphics, the physical simulation and the visual display technologies. There have been a lot of interactive systems which aim to enable the users to handle 3D graphic objects with their hands (for example, see [Allard et al. 2007]). If tactile feedback is provided to the user’s hands in 3D free space, the usability of those systems will be considerably improved.

    One strategy to provide tactile feedback in 3D free space is to attach tactile displays on the user’s hands. For example, Immersion Corporation developed CyberTouch [Immersion 2007] which features small vibrotactile stimulators on each finger and the palm to interact with objects in a virtual world with tactile feedback. However, this strategy inherently degrades tactile feelings due to the contact between the skin and the device occurring even when there is no need to provide tactile sensation.

    Air-jet is another possible candidate. However, air-jet can not produce localized force due to diffusion. It also suffers from limited bandwidth. In addition, even if multiple air-jet nozzles are used, the variation of the spatial distribution of the pressure is quite limited.

    The airborne ultrasound tactile display is designed to provide tactile feedback in 3D free space. The display radiates airborne ultrasound, and produces high-fidelity pressure fields onto the user’s hands. without the use of gloves or mechanical attachments.

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