“3D Spatial Narrative – “The Island of Misfit Toys”” by Mohr

  • ©Matthew Mohr


Entry Number: 01


    3D Spatial Narrative - “The Island of Misfit Toys”



    3D Spatial Narrative combines ‘bullet-time’ technology and a unique interactive display mechanism to tell an original story in six ‘frozen moments’.

    Monitors mounted on vertical poles are mapped to a virtual environment with an arc of 180 perspectives on each interior scene. By physically moving the screen around the vertical axis laterally, the user explores each frozen moment looking for visual cues to the next scene.

    Interacting with the piece can best be described as an ‘opposite periscope’ effect. With a periscope, one looks out from one vantage point. 3D Spatial Narrative moves around the frozen moment to create a looking glass window on an interior world. The only way to get this feeling is to experience it firsthand.


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