SIGGRAPH Asia 2016: Emerging Technologies


    A message from the SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 Emerging Technologies Chair & Co-Chair

    Interactive technology has been one of the most important inseparable wheels of SIGGRAPH Asia, and the Emerging Technologies program plays a vital role in driving the research communities all over the world to pursue technological innovations that has a great impact on our everyday life.

    In 2016, the SIGGRAPH Asia Emerging Technologies program received a total of 41 submissions from Asia (China, India, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan) and beyond (Australia, Canada, and Germany). Out of which, 15 submissions were accepted by the Emerging Technologies Committee. These submissions were from Asia and Europe (2 from China, 1 from Germany, 9 from Japan, 1 from Singapore, and 2 from Taiwan).

    Emerging Technologies Presentations

    Come see, experience, and interact with the Emerging Technologies displays and exhibits. Be inspired by presentations about the concepts behind these innovations and understand the research outcomes on interactive technologies.

    Emerging Technologies Talks And Prize Ceremony

    In-depth talks about the research, functionality, and creativity behind the Emerging Technologies displays and exhibits and a prize ceremony.

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