SIGGRAPH 2023 Computer Graphics Achievement Award: Heidrich

  • ©2023, Wolfgang Heidrich



    Computer Graphics Achievement Award


    Some of Wolfgang Heidrich’s most influential work is in the area of high dynamic range image display systems, notably his 2004 SIGGRAPH paper, which formed the basis of the Brightside Technologies HDR display startup and introduced the operating principle underlying many commercially available HDR displays today.  He also worked on establishing other aspects of the HDR imaging pipeline, including calibrated HDR acquisition, the conversion of regular low dynamic range images to HDR, and the combination of HDR displays with 3D tomographic and polarized light displays.  He co-authored the foundational 2010 book on HDR imaging, displays, and lighting.

    In the area of computational image acquisition, he has co-authored seminal work on convolutional sparse coding, end-to-end optimization of optics and image processing, and transient imaging.  Heidrich has also made notable contributions in the areas of 3D reconstruction of shape and appearance, face, garment, and fluid capture, and more traditional computational photography topics such as deblurring and super-resolution.

    In addition to his research, he has contributed to computer graphics through mentorship and service.  He supervised some of the most notable new researchers in the fields of 3D acquisition, reconstruction, and imaging.  His professional service includes serving as the Chair of the SIGGRAPH Asia Program Committee in 2016.

    Heidrich received his Diplom Informatiker from University of Erlangen, an M.Math in computer science from University of Waterloo, and a PhD in computer science from University of Erlangen. He was a Professor at the University of British Columbia (UBC) Computer Science Department from 2000-2018, where he also held a Dolby Research Chair. Since 2014, he has been a Professor of CS and EE at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), serving as the Director of the KAUST Visual Computing Center from 2014 to 2021.

Additional Information:

    The computer graphics achievement award is given to an individual for outstanding achievement in computer graphics and interactive techniques. The award includes a prize of $2,000.