SIGGRAPH 2020 Practitioner Award: Baron

  • ©2020, Elizabeth Baron



    Practitioner Award


    ACM SIGGRAPH is pleased to recognize Elizabeth Baron with the 2020 Practitioner Award. The Practitioner Award is given annually to practitioners who have had an impact on computer graphics and interactive techniques.

    Elizabeth Baron’s early work at Ford Motor Company introduced VR, AR and MR technologies for vehicle verification. This work included developing the Ford Immersive Vehicle Environment (FiVE) process and integrating it into the Ford Global Product Development System. This means that before going into production, every vehicle made at Ford must be reviewed in an immersive, ray-traced, photorealistic virtual environment. Elizabeth has continued to push technology, embracing new AR and MR applications like the Microsoft HoloLens to improve immersive experiences for designers.

    Beyond her work at Ford, Elizabeth has influenced the way other engineers approach industrial design. Her work on FiVE influenced engineers to develop the Boeing Immersive Development Center (IDC), a premier, world-class, immersive product development center with over 300 programs and used by over 3,000 teammates.

    Elizabeth has also shared her passion for graphics with the SIGGRAPH community, participating in various roles, from reviewing content to serving on the SIGGRAPH Strategy Team. She has even presented content at Emerging Technologies, showcasing real-time raytracing in 4K in an immersive environment, during the 2015 conference.

    Through her trailblazing contributions to industrial design, and her tremendous influence on multiple industries, ACM ACM SIGGRAPH is proud to honor Elizabeth as the 2020 recipient of the Practitioner Award.


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