SIGGRAPH 2019 Computer Graphics Achievement Award: Zorin

  • ©2019, Denis Zorin



    Computer Graphics Achievement Award


    ACM SIGGRAPH is delighted to present the 2019 Computer Graphics Achievement Award to Denis Zorin in recognition of his fundamental contributions to computer graphics and geometric modeling. Denis’s work is characterized by remarkable depth and has profoundly advanced the fields of geometry processing, multiresolution shape modeling and geometric principles of physics-based simulation in graphics.

    In the late 90’s and early 2000’s Denis published seminal papers on multiresolution mesh editing and surface subdivision. This early work paved the way for a large body of research on interactive mesh modeling and editing, including gradient-domain and Laplacian surface modeling. Denis and his collaborators continued to contribute to this fertile area, formalizing the variational principles and proper discretizations of the related partial differential equations, which enables these equations to be solved efficiently and robustly. Denis has also contributed important discrete geometric modeling principles to physics-based simulation of elastic objects, shading based surface design, illustrative surface rendering and digital fabrication.

    Another stream of Denis’s work focuses on fundamental problems in geometry processing, including global surface parameterization, surface and volumetric meshing and smooth surface modeling. He and his collaborators have developed novel, principled ways to approach these problems and thereby influenced not only the field of computer graphics but also the CAD, scientific computing and mechanical engineering fields, with a number of successful practical applications in industry.

    Denis Zorin has mentored a number of prominent young researchers who became successful academics and industry practitioners. Denis is a Silver Professor of Computer Science and Mathematics at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University. He has been the Chair of the Department of Computer Science since 2014. He received his PhD at the California Institute of Technology in 1998.


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