SIGGRAPH 2016 Outstanding Service Award: Chesnais

  • ©2016, Alain Chesnais



    Outstanding Service Award


    For his long term excellent dedicated service to ACM SIGGRAPH recognizes Alain Chesnais with the 2016 Outstanding Service Award. Alain has been an active ACM SIGGRAPH volunteer for the past 30 years. He started in the Paris Chapter stuffing envelopes, before being elected Chair of the chapter in 1991. Focusing on local activities and internationalization efforts, he has held many positions, both in SIGGRAPH and our parent organization, ACM. He served as ACM SIGGRAPH Vice-Chair from 1995 through 1997, then was elected President in 2002. Under his presidency Alain led the Executive Committee through the difficult financial issues we faced after the dot com crash and pushed to restore our financial stability. During his presidency, he also led the task force that established the creation of our SIGGRAPH Asia conference. SIGGRAPH Asia is now among the top five conferences organized by the ACM and its SIGs.

    Alain has also served on the Executive Committee of our parent organization for many years and was President of the ACM from 2010 through 2012. To this day he continues to serve as Vice Chair of the Chapters Committee and as Executive Committee Representative to the SIGGRAPH Asia Conference Advisory Group.


    Alain has been working in computer graphics since the mid-1980s. He was responsible for the rendering system at TDI, then Wavefront Technologies, after the acquisition of TDI. In 1995, when SGI acquired both Alias Research and Wavefront Technologies to merge them into Alias|wavefront, Alain became Director of Engineering on the Maya project. In 2000 Alain left Alias|Wavefront to focus on the efficient delivery of graphics via the web. He is currently VP of Technology at JanusVR in Toronto.yn


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