SIGGRAPH 2016 Computer Graphics Achievement Award: Durand

  • ©2016, Frédo Durand



    Computer Graphics Achievement Award


    ACM SIGGRAPH is excited to present the Computer Graphics Achievement Award to Frédo Durand for his seminal contributions to the field of computational photography.

    Frédo Durand has been a thought leader in the field of computational photography since its inception. His research spans the entire spectrum of computational photography from image filtering theory, to new languages and compilers for imaging pipelines, to practical and popular photo editing tools.

    Frédo’s breakthrough work on bilateral filtering for high dynamic range images in 2002, and follow up work with collaborators on the theory and application of fast bilateral filtering, have had a profound impact. Through its commercial adoption fast bilateral filtering is a staple in the toolbox of photographers everywhere. Beyond fast bilateral filtering, Frédo’s contributions in computational photography are prodigious, and span coded aperture design, video magnification, tone mapping, flash photography enhancement, blind deconvolution, and multi-aperture photography, among others. Another major area of impact is his work with collaborators on languages and systems for imaging pipelines which has gained major traction with systems builders and camera designers alike.

    Frédo has also made significant contributions to many other core problems in computer graphics starting with his PhD work on visibility in complex scenes, and including material measurement, frequency analysis of light transport for rendering, light field sampling and reconstruction, and depiction for non-photorealistic rendering, to name a few.

    Frédo Durand is a professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a member of the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL). He received his PhD from Grenoble University, France, in 1999. He is an intellectual leader in computational photography, and more broadly in computer graphics. We are pleased to recognize Frédo Durand’s outstanding contributions to computer graphics.


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