“World Trade Center” by Double Negative

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    World Trade Center

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  • Double Negative


    The visual effects work for “World Trade Center” was divided into two main stages: pre-collapse and post-collapse.

    The pre-collapse stage meant building in CG the towers and complex, many of the buildings around them, and the surrounding streets. The buildings were then composited behind many live-action green screen shots that had been filmed in New York and Los Angeles, and dynamic effects were then added, such as smoke, burning, falling paper, and plummeting lumps of concrete and debris.

    The post-collapse stage involved building Ground Zero in CG along with all the rubble, smoke, and dust that continued to envelope Manhattan for days after the event. This section included two major shots: a long pullout from within the rubble out to the atmos-phere, and a helicopter shot of the scene at Ground Zero on September 12th.

Additional Contributors:

    VFX Supervisor: Michael Ellis

    CG Supervisors: Peter Bebb, Ryan Cook

    VFX Producer: Andy Taylor

    NY Production Manager: Hal Couzens

    VFX Coordinator: Matt Magnolia

    Lead Artists: Adrian Banton, Will Elsdale, Jordan Kirk, Gruff Owen, Eugénie von Tunzelmann, Alison Wortman

    Artists: Oliver Atherton, James Benson, Stephen Bennett, Nik Brownlee, Jon Bowen, Darren Christie, Zoe Cranley, Ciaran Crowley, Emily Cobb, James Guy, John Kilshaw, James Lewis, Aysha Madina, Mark Michaels, Mike Nixon, Sandra Reis, Foad Shah, Scott Taylor, Sanju Travis, Ivan Mena Tinoco, Andrew Whitehurst, Clare Williams, Guy Williams, Dan Wood, Helen Wood

    Shader Writer & Look Development: Katherine Roberts

    Texture & Matte Painting: Dimitri Delacovias, Gawain Liddiard

    Editorial: Richard Diver, Andy Hague

    R&D: Jeff Clifford, Graham Jack, Oliver James, Ian Masters, Jennifer Wood

    Technology: Evan Fraser, Henrik Hoffgard, Mark Kuggelejin, Steve Lynn, David Scott

    Studio: Miles Drake, Gavin Gregory, Pete Hanson, Zelda Tinska, Liam Tully

Animation / Video Overview: