“Will and the Wheel” by Premuroso

  • ©Margherita Premuroso  InkyMind



    Will and the Wheel


Company / Institution / Agency:

  • InkyMind


    Will, an enterprising hamster, modifies his running wheel and begins creating a strange and mysterious machine. In spite of the ridiculous assemblage of simple household items he uses, Will manages to succeed, and in the end he reveals his brilliant plan.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producer: Luca da Rios
    Storyboard: Massimiliano Lucania
    Animation Supervisor: Paolo Fazio Rigger
    Lead Animator: Barbara Dossi
    Animators: Emanuele Doro, Mattia Rosati, Simone Fiorito, Elisa Capretto
    Lighting Rendering Effects: Fabrizio Dini, William Lorenzetti
    Texture: Elena Redaelli
    Technical Producers: Ivan Piasini, Marco Spasiano

Animation / Video Overview: