“Voice of Whale” by Lee

  • ©Heebok Lee



    Voice of Whale





    Vox Balaenae (Voice of Whale) is music by the American experimental composer George Crumb. His notation method is unconventional; it’s very fluid and artistic. This piece is an abstract visualization of his music and carries his idea into animation. The music notes fly under- water and come from a giant shell with a texture of notes.

    For this animation, I used After Effects and Cinema 4D for 2D com- positing and 3D animation. I created basic 3D elements in C4D and imported them into AE with cameras and lighting.


    HARDWARE: Apple Mac G4 dual 800 MHz CPU, 1.25 GB RAM.


    SOFTWARE DEVELOPER: Modeling: Maxon Cinema 4D 8.1 Animation: Adobe After Effects 5.5. Rendering: Dynamics: Compositing: Adobe After Effects 5.5. Additional software: Adobe Photoshop 7, Illustrator 10. OS: Mac OS 10.2.

Additional Contributors:

    Contributors: Dan Boyarski
    Producer: Heebok Lee

Additional Information:

    PRODUCTION Modeling: hyper-NURBS. Rendering technique used most: N.A. Average CPU time for rendering per frame: N.A. Total production time: 90 days. Production highlight: Cinema 4D integrates well with After Effects, most 3D elements were rendered in black and white to save rendering time and colored in After Effects.

Animation / Video Overview: