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    Venus Venus

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    Venus was beautiful inside out, as well.

    The first-ever 3D laser measurements of the Venus de Milo resulted in point-cloud data composed of tens of millions of points (which are beautiful in their own right), allowing us to focus on the artistic form of the statue and the intentions of the creator thousands of years ago. But when full texture was applied, it started to tell a story, as well as arouse questions.

    How did the goddess of love and beauty come to the Louvre Museum from the island of Melos, Greece, where she was found? How were the statue’s missing arms arranged? When was she made? Who made her? And much more. She herself is a mystery wrapped in an enigma.

    “Venus Venus” made its debut at a 3D stereogram theater at The University Art Museum of the Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music in Tokyo, as part of an exhibition called Ancient Greek Art from the Louvre Museum, which opened in June, 2006.

    Art transcends time, space, and dimensions, to stimulate a sense of wonder. This is one such example.

Additional Contributors:

    Executive Producers: Yoshiyuki Hamano

    Producer: Naomi Matsuzawa

    Director/Editor: Kazumasa Otsuki

    3D Visualization Supervisor: Yutaka Takase

    3D Visualization: Osamu Yamada, Tsuyoshi Kishigami

    3D Visualization Technology: Naoki Sho

    Assistant Producers: Tomoko Nagai, Koki Shimiya

    CG Director: Shinichi Takayama

    CG Artists: Hiroshi Fukano, Maya Inubushi, Astushu Masuda, Tomomi Sato, Toru Kosugi, Hiroko Onozaki

    Editing Collaboration: Yoshitaka Nakamura

    Narration: Ward Sexton

    Music: Yoshiyuki Hiroki

    General Supervisors: Jean-Luc Martinez, Masato Satsuma

    Special Collaboration: The Louvre Museum

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