“UPS Gladiator” by PSYOP Inc.

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    UPS Gladiator



Company / Institution / Agency:

  • PSYOP Inc.


    This is an action/adventure take on presenting important documents in a dangerous boardroom. Here the boardroom is represented like a roman gladiator competition. You can triumph over your obstacles only with UPS by your side.

Additional Contributors:

    Client: The UPS Store
    Agency: Doner
    EVP Account Management Director: Greg Gerfen
    VP Account Director: Julie MacDonald
    Executive VP, Director of Integrated Production: Sheldon Cohn
    EVP/Chief Creative Officer: Rob Strasberg
    Creative Director: Karen Cathel
    VP, Creative Director: Jimmy Kollin
    Art Director: Andrew Wright
    Producer: Laurie Irwin
    Production Company: Psyop, New York
    Psyop Creative Director: Eben Mears
    Executive Producer: Lucia Grillo
    Producer: Lydia Holness
    Associate Producer: Kay Chen
    Designers: Ben Chan, Arisu Kashiwagi, Jungeun Jaye Kim, Kitty Lin, Helen Choi
    Lead Technical Director: Tony Barbieri
    Technical Director: Andreas Berner
    Lead CG Animators: Jordan Blit, Pat Porter
    CG Animation: Kitty Lin, Russ Wootton, Gooshun Wang, George Smaragdis, Consuelo Macri
    CG Modeling: Lee Wolland, Soo Hee Han
    CG Lighting: Anthony Patti, Helen Choi, Russ Wootton, Shu-Chen Lin, Genessa Chamberlain
    Flash Animation: Jared Deal
    Technical Consultant: Thomas Goddard
    FX: Miguel Salek
    Lead Compositor: Molly Schwartz
    Compositors: Manu Gaulot, Chris Gereg, Danny Kamhaji
    Flame: Nick Tanner, Jeen Lee, Dan Boujoulian
    Live Action Company: Tool of North America
    Live Action Director: Tom Routson
    Live Action Executive Producers: Jennifer Siegel, Brian Latt
    Editorial: The Underground
    Editors (Psyop): Cass Vanini, Graham Brennan
    Color Correct: Postique
    Producer: Mike Digel
    Colorist: John Cathel
    Music Company: Elias Arts
    Executive Producer: Dave Gold
    Composer: Nate Morgan
    Sound Design Company: Elias Arts
    Sound Designer: Dean Hovey
    Sound Mix Company: Sound Lounge

Animation / Video Overview: