“UMA-Mirage “Lasers” spot” by UMA-Mirage

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    UMA-Mirage "Lasers" spot

Company / Institution / Agency:

  • UMA-Mirage


    The 30-second spot was generated for the National Bank of Commerce of Texas in response to a need to promote the bank’s enthusiasm for advanced technology. The imagery followed the “laser write-on” of the actual NBC logo inside a geometric environment.

    The vector-based imagery was modeled with B-spline curve fitting techniques and animated using motion parameter controls developed in-house on a Superset PGM-2 hardware system. Output was recorded in a multi-exposure technique direct to 35mm from a high resolution raster display.

Additional Contributors:

    Art direction/motion design: Dave Hamby.
    Software designer/programmer: Dan Watkins.

Animation / Video Overview: